HerperPRO v0.97 Update

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HerperPRO v0.97 for PC Update

  • family or genus confusion fixed
  • v0.97  lifts the QR code printing restriction, and allow unlimited labels to be printed.
  • goMobile online access is restricted to 50 animals tracked without a subscription.
  • There was cross population, and slight error with the QTY’s for inventory. Only affects inventory screens.
  • v0.96 import changes the way the ID’s are in relation to the PREV|NEXT buttons. Fixed in v0.97
  • Import of Vyp3r RTS and HerperPRO (pre goMobile) active. Previous versions of each software don’t import.
  • Ovulation import from goMobile corrected
  • reptile journal added
  • qr code shows on main screen now
  • qr code regenerate button added
  • When selecting “Demo” mode, system attempts to validate, and gives failure dialogue. Fixed in v0.97
  • Image highlight on main page does not stay persistent after entering supporting screen on return Fixed v0.97
  • Highlighting on lists not persistent when changing pages.  Fixed v0.97
  • bulk feed feature showing inactive animals is fixed to only show active  Fixed v0.97
  • bulk feed was only feeding first record, now its feeds all found or all selected.  Fixed v0.97
  • print from partial sheets possition selector graphic  Fixed v0.97
  • Graphic representation of label print selection added
  • Active/Inactive list population fixed
  • v0.96 would sometimes duplicate ID records. Fixed in v0.97. You will need to delete the duplicate record, and recreate.
  • goMobile tools active on website for registered users


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