v1.02 Incremental Update

Written by HerperPRO on . Posted in HerperPRO News

Every time we release a new version of HerperPRO with goMobile, we try to get it exactly right! Sometimes, a user will have some data that alters the results of the update slightly. Instead of ignoring that user, we try to determine the error, and fix it right away. This latest v1.02 release affected about a dozen people, where their list data wasn’t imported. These are minor things like the drop down selection of feeder state.

We’ve release v1.02 again today with this small fix. You now have 2 options. After upgrading to this version, you can go to the Dashboard -> Manage Lists, and just quickly add the missing default states. You may also need to re-add your logo, and company address. Your actual records have not changed, nor are they affected. The other option is to import the v1.01 backup you made when you upgraded to v1.02 initially, and all is well.

Additionally in this version, if you go to your DASHBOARD -> MODULES, you are able to turn off the auto data feeds to the BP module, while it is still active. Increasing the startup time, as the system then won’t download articles, and morph data at that time.

Please go to “MY-ACCOUNT” on the website, and redownload the v1.02 release from 01/21/2014. The top bar after you ¬†install will also show this date.

If you have any support or other questions, please use the SUPPORT tab on the left of the site!