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HerperPRO v1.00 is live

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Hello everyone,

Version 1.00 is now live on the server. This is essentially the CD release version, with a few bug fixes, and a new company info screen.


– Fix for grammatical errors

– Small changes to validation code

– Fix for export of feeder data

– Printing issues fixed

– Report modifications

There will be a v1.01 in the not too distant future, that fixes a couple small bugs, adds the ability to run the Ball Python module, and incorporates Rack Feeding with QR/goMobile. This version also allows you to “lock” a record, so you can’t accidentally change the main info. Help screens will be correctly mapped, and imported also.

HerperPRO v99 available for download!

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Good Wednesday morning! Version 99 is now live on the servers. I’ll post a list of fixes, and changes later on today. Remember to BACK UP your data before installing, and the restore from the backup!

Your “My Account” will have the most recent links, but direct links to the files are as follows:


– startup authentication time reduced
– various fixes to the import files, for data integrity
– fix for the duplicate record creation if a print error occurred
– Added a duplicate check feature, which notifies user if a duplicate record exists prior to it becoming a problem.
– Removed sold and inactive animals from the list of needing to be fed results.
– Some design changes to control panel with a few preference options added.
– other small fixes, with respect to spelling, and button placement

HeperPRO v98 Update

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We’re happy to let everyone know, that v98 of HerperPRO with goMobile is live, and available for download on the server. The following is a list of some of the changes/enhancements to this version.

  • Bulk feed section revamped to include better search/selection process
  • Send email via SMTP/default mail clients fixed in several areas of software.
  • Invoice screen changes to better suit selling of reptiles.
  • Printable reports screen reworked.
  • Fixed importing of records from Vyp3r RTS v1.3
  • Help System in place.
  • Import email license on updates
  • Make “produced by” field editable
  • Clutch/Litter tag sire and dam display.
  • Fix breeding “other” tab
  • Fixed European “,” causing calculation errors.
  • Invoice paid and unpaid status on printouts.
  • nickname on the Overdue Feedings report, and the feedings due report
  • ReptileID field only allows letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores.
  • Restore from backup at startup on new installations.
  • All printable reports redesigned and improved.
  • Fixed printing errors with reports
  • Option to show/hide logo on printouts in control panel.
  • Several core speed enhancements

HerperPRO v0.97 Update

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HerperPRO v0.97 for PC Update

  • family or genus confusion fixed
  • v0.97  lifts the QR code printing restriction, and allow unlimited labels to be printed.
  • goMobile online access is restricted to 50 animals tracked without a subscription.
  • There was cross population, and slight error with the QTY’s for inventory. Only affects inventory screens.
  • v0.96 import changes the way the ID’s are in relation to the PREV|NEXT buttons. Fixed in v0.97
  • Import of Vyp3r RTS and HerperPRO (pre goMobile) active. Previous versions of each software don’t import.
  • Ovulation import from goMobile corrected
  • reptile journal added
  • qr code shows on main screen now
  • qr code regenerate button added
  • When selecting “Demo” mode, system attempts to validate, and gives failure dialogue. Fixed in v0.97
  • Image highlight on main page does not stay persistent after entering supporting screen on return Fixed v0.97
  • Highlighting on lists not persistent when changing pages.  Fixed v0.97
  • bulk feed feature showing inactive animals is fixed to only show active  Fixed v0.97
  • bulk feed was only feeding first record, now its feeds all found or all selected.  Fixed v0.97
  • print from partial sheets possition selector graphic  Fixed v0.97
  • Graphic representation of label print selection added
  • Active/Inactive list population fixed
  • v0.96 would sometimes duplicate ID records. Fixed in v0.97. You will need to delete the duplicate record, and recreate.
  • goMobile tools active on website for registered users


Please visit the “My Account” page, or download the trial.

goWeb – for goMobile

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As our platform developers work on the Mac version, and continue to develop the PC system, our web developers have been hard at work too!

You asked for the ability to add events when at a PC that doesn’t have the software installed, and where you didn’t need to scan a QR code to do so!

We’ve answered with goWeb! Just log into your account, and you will see  a new “User LaunchPad” menu on the right…just under your name. This menu currently has the link to goMobile goWeb!

When you click that link, you’ll be taken to a page that shows the familiar goMobile interface, along with a list down the left of animals you have previously scanned at least once! Every time you scan a unique animal, it will be forever in your list. Just click, and and you’ll be using goMobile, on the web.

We will continue to develop the goWeb interface as we do the goMobile, to give you more companion features to our already feature rich desktop program!

The HerperPRO team!