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HerperPRO Community Forums added

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In keeping with our commitment of working closely with our customers, future customers, and the reptile community, we’ve added HerperPRO Community forums to the site. A great way to connect with other HerperPRO users, and get Hints, Tips and Tricks on how to use the software. We also desperately want to hear from you on an ongoing basis, on how we can improve HerperPRO with goMobile – Make a post in the suggestion box! Links can be found in the top bar, and at the bottom of the page!

MAC Version soon!

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We’re happy to announce, that we have a development version of our popular HerperPRO Reptile Husbandry Software with goMobile on our MACs.

Over the next short while, we’ll be putting it through the testing cycle, and into release state. Not only is this an exciting time for us, but also for the reptile community. We’re not aware of a product that has ever combined the power of a desktop reptile tracking software, and a mobile interface, in both PC versions and MAC!

Thanks to all those who pushed us to get this one closer to reality.

The HerperPRO with goMobile Team!


HerperPRO v0.96 Update

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Features and Bug Fixes

  • Added Reptile Nickname to Reptile List, QR code reptile list, select sire and dame list
  • Added morph name to all 4 QR code labels
  • Side bar modified to list your reptiles in a more visual way
  • added the ability to import from HerperPRO v0.95
  • Fixed Bug when choosing a parent, sire or dam or a pairing mate the reptile ID was not being pulled.
  • Fixed bug with Permissions error when creating backups
  • Fixed bug where only females were populating in list when choosing a breeding: pairing partner.
  • Fixed bug – “script not found or script deleted” – error on weight entering – Working to isolate, apparently not for all users.


Exciting feature!

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Hello everyone!

I just finished a meeting with the lead developer Justin on the project, and we’ve got a great feature announcement which should be in the Monday release of v0.96.

Currently, you can select animals to view on the main screen, in 1 of 2 ways. By the animals picture, and also using the LIST button next to the animals’ date of birth.

The new feature will take the photo list area to the left, and it will now have 3 tabs at the top. 1) Pics, 2) Nic 3) ID

Selecting the Pics tab, will show the list as it does now. Clicking the Nic tab, will display the list as Nicknames you’ve given your animals. And finally, clicking ID will give you a list of the animals as Reptile ID. Each of these displays will be sortable, ascending or descending.

Also, the Nickname and Reptile ID list, will be color coordinated by sex for quicker visual selection!

I personally can’t wait to use these new displays….since I know most of my animals by their name, it’ll make my life even that much better!


Test your backups!

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Hello everyone,

With the next update just days away, I’m sure many of you have entered lots of animals into the system. The next version, v0.96 with goMobile will have many little bug fixes, one or two slight modifications, and if we get it done in time…a major upgrade to the way you can select animals on the main screen.

v0.96 with goMobile will also be able to import the backups from the current version v0.95 with gomobile. We would like you all to test your backups before you upgrade! After creating your backup, go to your HerperPRO directory…in there, you will find a folder with the day, and then inside that you should have a file names something like:

2013.05.31 – 21.19.26 ~ HerperPRO_v0.95.HPR

My test backup I just did, has about 10 animals, and the file size is around 46meg. Remember, this size will change considerably based on the number of photos, animals, and data you have in the system.

When installing the v0.96, select a different install directory. I generally install them into directories like: C:\Program Files (x86)\HerperPRO-0.95 – so that if anything in the new version isn’t quite to my liking, I can still use the old one!

If you need any assistance, please open a ticket!


–  The HerperPRO Team