Error 99 – How we are dealing with it

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Please see your download link in “My Account” for the new file.

ONLY update to this if you have had the Error -99.

[THIS ERROR HAS BEEN SOLVED – New Version for those with Error 99 will be available shortly]

I have a philosophy about business, and it goes something like this….

Companies and customers are relationships. Relationships work best, when there is honesty, and integrity throughout. In keeping with that, I also believe that transparency is important. You are giving us your hard earned dollars, and we should be accountable to those dollars. We want to be happy in this relationship, and we want you to be happy also.

We won’t always make the exact product that YOU want, but we will make the product that we think most people will be very happy with, within our capabilities, and to the absolute best of our abilities.

Our software was released yesterday…and for the most part, it’s been a great success. We have some clients of the old software that were skeptical, who have sent us notes that they it’s working for them far beyond their expectations. We have new customers buying…and that speaks volumes.

We also have a small number of clients receiving an “error -99”. Included in that, is one of our own…Grant.

The error is our internal code for “Internet is broken”.

What we know:

  • – The internet isn’t broken. Users can surf, and do all the normal internet things.
  • – There doesn’t seem to be a common firewall, or virus program that is causing this error.
  • – When we use the licensing from those clients on our own systems, it works.
  • – Clients who have computers at different locations, don’t experince the problem at both place.
  • – We are unable to duplicate the error.

What we’re doing:

  • – We’re uploading a modified version of the software to 2-3 people that have the error, to test…we *may* have found the bug.
  • – Justin is finishing a “testing program” for some to install, and run, to send us back the data it’s retrieving, for us to better understand the error.
  • – I (Robert), am trying to keep all tickets active, and keep you all informed of our progress, along with working with all other business with HerperPRO


  • – We really expect to have this error off the books in the next 24 hours or so

We want thank those who are using and enjoying the first release…and we want to assure those who have experienced this error, that we are doing our absolute best to resolve it, and we will get it done. Also, there is no apparent risk to your data. This is a communication issue, not a database issue.

If you have any questions, or feel you may have something to add, please open a support ticket.

~ Robert

HerperPRO Reptile Husbandry Software Available!

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We are pleased to announce that we have launched our much anticipated Reptile Husbandry Software, called HerperPRO.

HerperPRO is a software designed to allow hobbyist and seasoned breeders, the abiity to effectively track all aspects of their reptile’s care, breeding, and management. Not only is HerperPRO the most complete desktop software available, but it also combines the convenience of a mobile interface, making it easy for the keeper to use any smartphone or tablet to enter basic husbandry events when away from their PC.

Our product is the result of hundreds of hours of programming, more hours of testing, and considerable resources to build not only the application, but the systems and business structure required to continue development and see HerperPRO Reptile Husbandry Software the premiere product for management of your reptiles.

Currently, HerperPRO is available for digital download at for $39.99USD. Soon you will also be able to purchase a CD version at many reptile stores across North America.

HerperPRO is available for Trial, so you can decide if this is the right produce for you, as it is for many other reptile keepers.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to your input and comments.

The HerperPRO team