HerperPRO uses the latest in design technology, to bring you a full featured Reptile Husbandry package. Easy to navigate, easy to enter animals, and easy to update events, HerperPRO is the only electronic solution to offer all the following features in one package:

  • Unlimited Records
  • Track unlimited events, such as Feeding, Breeding, Sales, Shedding.
  • Print cage cards, reports, and export data backups.
  • goMobile feature allows you to add events using a smartphone or tablet!
  • Multiple sort list for fast selection of animals
  • Simple backup for your important data
  • Add moldules to streamline record keeping for specific species! (under development)

goMobile Feature

Our goMobile feature allows you to put your desktop version into “goMobile” mode. You will be unable to use the desktop version while you have this feature clicked. You’ll then take almost any Tablet or Smartphone that is equipped with a QR Code (Barcode) reader to your reptiles that have a pre-printed HerperPRO label on them.

Reading the label, will launch you to the goMobile online site, which will allow you to enter basic husbandry operations, like Feedings, Sheds, Copulations, Defecations, and other events. When you’ve completed all your tasks, simply go back to your PC, take the system out of goMobile mode, and choose the events you created mobility to import into the system.

Out of the box, HerperPRO Reptile Husbandry Software allows you to use the goMobile feature for under 50 animals. Should you require the mobile feature for 50 or more, you can purchase a monthly, or yearly subscription.

Modules Feature (under development)

Our basic system is more than complete. We’ve designed the software to meet all different varieties of reptiles, from Leopard Geckos to Green Tree Pythons, and everything in between. We realized that some people have no need to record things like Ovulations, or the species they deal with has no subspecies, so there was no need to clutter the screens with that data.

Modules are available to be purchased that clean up the interface in separate tabs. These tabs will be specific to a species, and will make data viewing and entering that much easier. Additionally, these modules come with some pre-loaded data, like morphs, subspecies data, pro-tips, and an ever expanding library of information to read and help you get the most out of your hobby!

Module pricing will be as low as $5, and no more than $10…and are a one time purchase. Remember, there is no need to buy these…it just adds some data you can do yourself, and removes some unneeded elements from the species pages.