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HerperPro is a great program with great support, The support you receive is
top notch. Day and Night they do what they can to help. Keep up the good

Ron (HerperPRO User)
This software is definitely one of the most user friendly, yet feature rich programs i’ve seen for herp tracking. Even makes iHerp look hard to use.

Chris Altized (via Facebook)

Just downloaded and tried the demo version and I love it!! It’s the best, most user-friendly reptile husbandry program I’ve ever tried. Going to buy the full version!

Shannon O’Rourke (via Facebook)

Most Welcome! Thanks for creating a program that is feature rich, yet easy to use! Can’t wait for the modules either! So you say I’ll have a new update for tomorrow. Does that mean I shouldn’t do much tonight with it?

Chris Altizer (via Facebook) [No, we’re not paying him!] 🙂

works great sofar love it

Tracy Pilon (via Facebook)
Thank you, Justin! I downloaded and installed the latest version and I see the change–that’s perfect! I really do appreciate the attention to this little issue! You guys have THE BEST customer service of any software company I’ve used–I’m very, very happy! I’m definitely recommending HerperPro to everyone I know!

Snakemom71 – HerperPRO user


I downloaded the trial version and within an hour decided to purchase the full version. I had bought another app less than a week ago but this one kicked the other ones butt. Thanks

Carlos (New HerperPRO user)

Same as the person above me. I downloaded the MAC trial version, and knew within one hour, that this is what I have been waiting for. I am using it for my Leopard Geckos. Already loaded 25. Hatch data and clutch data is working great!! Love all the different reports that is offered. I am spreading the word to all my “lizard” friends. Thanks!!

Sally (New HerperPRO user)
I absolutely LOVE this program. Not only does it make it far easier to track daily activities with your reptiles but I love the reports generated. I can’t wait until the Leopard Gecko Module is released. I am very happy to refer people. Amazing support and have thoroughly enjoyed this program!

Raven Song Reptiles (New HerperPRO user)

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  • George Gialedkais


    This program is great I use it on all my animals I especially like the printout cage booklets and information. I would recommend it to everybody keeping reptiles.


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