HerperPRO Software Trial

We are excited to now offer 2 different types of Trial.

[DEMO] Which will allow you to use the software in a limited capacity (no goMobile) for up to 3 animals, and 50 events. No site registration is required.


[TRIAL] Which will allow UNLIMITED usage, including goMobile use, for a period of 15 days. This trial is designed to allow you to really test drive all the features, including the online tools. You will however need to register on the site, and “purchase” with a free promo code, in order to be added to our licensing system properly. **After installing, you can then add your e-mail to the control panel [GENERAL] tab of the software to go into full unrestricted trial mode.

DOWNLOAD PC DEMO VERSION (No registration required)

DOWNLOAD MAC DEMO VERSION (No registration required)

REGISTER for PC TRIAL VERSION (Use promo coupon TRIAL15 on checkout)

REGISTER for MAC TRIAL VERSION (Use promo coupon TRIAL15 on checkout)