The Reptile Spot

Thank you for purchasing HerperPRO from our retail partner, The Reptile Spot.

In order to complete your purchase, and activate your license, please do the following:

  • Register on the site by clicking HERE
  • Select the version of the software you want, either PC or MAC HerperPRO with goMobile and add it to your cart.
  • Enter your License Key given to you by The Reptile Spot in the cart checkout page
  • Complete your purchase, which will be at $0, and not require any financial information
  • We will then validate your account within 24 hours, and an e-mail will be sent when it’s ready.

Please remember to use your real e-mail address, as it works with your license key to validate your account, keep you updated on future version releases, and allows access to the online and goMobile systems.

Thank you again for trusting your Reptile Husbandry Software needs to HerperPRO with goMobile.